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This is a repository of SMT-LIB benchmarks. See http://smtlib.org/ for more information about the SMT-LIB initiative.

This repository contains the benchmarks in QF_IDL logic. See http://smtlib.org/logics.shtml for a description of the SMT-LIB logics.

The benchmarks in this repository are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, unless otherwise specified in the benchmark itself (see :license info attribute in the file). If your benchmarks are included in this repository and you do not agree with this licence, please contact the SMT-LIB co-ordinators.

To clone this repository on your computer, use the git command:

git clone https://clc-gitlab.cs.uiowa.edu:2443/SMT-LIB-benchmarks/QF_IDL.git